Why I Consign and Shop at Indy Kids Sale

A few years ago one of my best friends introduced me to Indy Kids Sale. I have to admit, not having shopped at a consignment sale before, I was skeptical. I will also admit that I was somewhat of a clothes snob for my kiddos. I liked things to be in great condition, and I could be picky. Not to mention, I wanted larger selections than what I was finding at the consignment retail stores.

Boy – was I in for a GREAT surprise the first time I shopped Indy Kids Sale! I couldn’t believe some of the great deals I was finding! And the selection to choose from was outstanding. There was more than I could even imagine from clothes, shoes and accessories to toys, books, and baby equipment! I even found things brand new with tags still on them.

When I went to consign, I was surprised to find that my 15 minutes drop-off stayed under 15 minutes! The staff was so organized. Yes, it took a while to organize at home, but it was a pretty simple process once I got going. Sorting, entering into the computer system, printing tags, and tagging.

I have never been disappointed with the amount I have sold in the sale. There have been a few sales that I’ve only come home with two or three items that didn’t sell!

The best part is, there is always someone who can answer questions – whether it’s on important deadline dates, pricing suggestions, or how to hang things, the staff is always so helpful

Some of the best deals I’ve found: Ralph Lauren boys peacoat for $20, full Osh-Kosh snowsuit (pants + coat) for $8, really nice shoes/sandals for $3, and a Bob jogging stroller that normally retails for over $300 for $80.

I still buy stuff for my kids at regular retail stores, but I plan a lot of that around what I don’t get at the Indy Kids Sale each season. You should too!

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