3 Things To Do When Consignor Registration Opens

3 things to do when Indy Kids Sale consignor registration opensThis time of year is exciting for us over at Indy Kids Sale, where we’ve been working behind the scenes getting ready for consignor registration to open!

Those that have consigned with us in the past have the process down pat. But when the switch is flipped, will you be ready?

Here are 3 things to do when consignor registration opens:

  1. Sign up early. When we say we have a limited number of consignor spots open, that’s not some marketing tactic! We have a large space to fill at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, and fill it, we do! But we do have to make a cutoff of consignors that we are able to bring on to sell. We factor in an average number of hanging items each consignor brings, to make a plan for our clothing racks for one side of the room. And we factor in an average number of shoes, toys, strollers etc. for our tables and shelves for the other side of the room. We’re pretty good at math! But we would be doing a disservice to our consignors, shoppers and volunteers if we took on more than we had floor space to handle. We want only the best experience for all of you!
  2. Clear out those closets! As soon as you sign up, you are then able to enter your items into our easy online system. By starting to clear your kids’ closets of the items you can sell in our seasonal sale as soon as you register, you’re ahead of the game. We have some first-time consignor tips that are great for beginners, or a good refresher for returning consignors.
  3. Make Indy Kids Sale your new BFF. You know when your friend posts the most awesome inspirational quote or funny meme on Facebook, and you click that ‘Share’ button? Sharing is caring, and that goes for us too! Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. By liking and sharing our posts, you are helping us spread the word about our upcoming sale. That will help us draw more shoppers, who will buy your items, making you a very happy, and returning consignor!