What do you NEED when you have a baby

When you are pregnant with your first child, you may go into a baby store and become completely overwhelmed by everything you have to choose from. If you haven’t researched much, you may also end up with a lot of things you don’t need or won’t ever use.


After three kids, here are my suggestions on some of the things I think are necessary, and things I think you can pass on (hey, use your own judgement – to each their own – I’m just trying to help you out if you feel you need it!).


1)   Travel system: Many people may say you don’t need a travel system. Here’s the thing – it’s super helpful to be able to keep your infant in their car seat, carry them in and out, and then just pop that car seat back into the base. WAY more easier then taking the sleeping baby out of the infant carrier and carrying him or her.  It’s also super useful to be able to snap that car seat into a stroller.

2)   Lots of onesies and sleepers. While I totally understand the desire to buy the cute clothes (little mini-man clothing and cute little tutus for girls, etc.) – you will find that 98.5% of the time you will have them dressed in onesies and sleepers – because it’s easy – and they will most likely have to be changed out of it in another few hours.

3)   Swing: Yeah, I know some babies won’t use them – but even my middle child who wasn’t crazy about it would let us put him in it sometimes. Buy one at the Indy Kids Sale –that way you won’t feel like you wasted a lot of money if they don’t end up liking it.

4)   Pack n Play: Do you plan on traveling anywhere in the first year or two that doesn’t have a crib? Buy one.

5)   Bottle Sanitizer: So easy and convenient – and saved me a ton of time sanitizing my bottles.

6)   Rocker or Glider: I’ve used mine with all three children – and with each one I thought they’d never outgrown it (and then was sad when they did).

Don’t Bother:

1)   Diaper warmer: I can’t remember which friend I should thank for telling me this. So, so true – you don’t need it. If your baby never knows about it – they won’t miss it!

2)   Bottle warmer: See above reasoning for diaper warmer.

3)   Changing Table: That’s right. You don’t need it. Get a dresser that has a flat top and put a changing pad on there. When you stop using the changing pad a lot (which will be in the first few months – because you’ll be changing the baby anywhere and everywhere around the house – like your bed, the floor, the couch, etc.) you will then still have a perfectly functioning piece of furniture. Biggest waste we purchased with our first baby.

4)   Small umbrella stroller: Here’s the thing – some of my friends use theirs. I found it pointless. For one, it was so small that my first two boys outgrew it by 9 months old. Two, it has no storage area at all, which I found to be a very important need. And three, they feel so flimsy I was always afraid it would tip over or fall.

5)   Bassinets: Don’t get me wrong – if you have one and want to use it great. I mean, you will need something if you want your baby to sleep in the room with you at first. But, if you are going to buy a pack n play or something similar, or if you plan on using the crib right away, you don’t really need one.

6)   Expensive bed sets: Yes, we registered for one and got it with our first. We had to take off the bumpers and replace with the breathable bumpers. We couldn’t use the quilt/cover (so we draped it on the back of the glider chair so as not to have it go to waste) and we ended up removing the mobile (out of fear of a piece falling off and causing a choking hazard). So…basically you need fitted sheets and possibly a crib skirt.

Again, these are just a few of my suggestions and opinions. Ask around! Get some feedback from your friends and family members who have babies. And have fun shopping!

~Libby Springer, PR & Social Media Manager

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