Volunteer Spotlight | Denise from Noblesville

We could not have such a successful consignment sale if it weren’t for our many volunteers helping to make it go so smoothly!

One such volunteer is Dense W. from Noblesville. She’s a grandmother!

We asked Denise to share why she volunteers at Indy Kids Sale. Here’s what she had to say:

“I stopped in to see what the sale was all about when my first grandchild was 3 months old (she will be 7 in January!). I lived in Noblesville at the time, and noticed the Indy Kids Sale sign by the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Right away, I noticed the quality of the clothes. The most apparent thing though, was the organization – everything was so neat and organized, it was very easy to see prices (and what great prices!!). When I went to pay for my purchases, I commented on how nice everything was, and asked if they ever needed volunteers. The rest, as they say, is history. I volunteered at every sale.”

What do Indy Kids Sale volunteers typically do?

“You help unload cars coming in for drop off, check over each and every item brought in, place items in their appropriate areas. For sale day, volunteers prepare by making sure every item is in the correct place and every rack, shelf and table is neat and organized. We make sure shoppes are able to find what they want, and keep things organized and neat. We are continuously making sure things are easy for people to see, and look nice.”

Do you have any tips for those that might want to help out at the sale?

“I, again, loved the sale and all the people I worked with. I would suggest, wear good comfortable shoes. On the first day of the sale last year, my phone tracked me walking 8 miles! The biggest thing is to have fun! It is a great group of people to work with. Most working are young moms and they keep you young.  Plus, I always brought lots of coffee to keep me going. Bring whatever is your favorite drink. Also, bring hats, scares and gloves because you just can’t predict Indiana weather!”

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities, our volunteer FAQs and make sure you’re signed up to attend the next Indy Kids Sale!
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