Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Indy Kids Shopping Experience

#1 – It’s Ok to Bring *SOME* of Your Entourage

The Indy Kids Sale is a great event to come to with your girlfriends. Leave your kids at home and come save your family a ton of money.

#2 – Dress for Success

Wear comfortable shoes and comfy clothes.

#3 – Fuel Up!

Bring a snack and maybe a bottle of water.

#4 – Be Prepared for a Big Haul, but let us take care of the big bags!

No large purses, backpacks or diaper bags bigger than an 8.5″x11″ piece of paper. Grab your fanny pack or wristlet and leave your big bags at home. We’ve got plenty for you to borrow while you are shopping. You may still bring large shopping bags and laundrey baskets as long as they are open at the top.

#5 – In-Season Stuff Only

We are a seasonal sale which means that at the spring sale we will carry spring and summer items and at the fall sale we will carry fall and winter items.

#6 – Mind Your P’s & Q’s

All clothing must stay on the hanger.  When items are taken off the hanger, tags are lost and we can’t sell the item.  Taking clothing off the hanger signifigantly slows down our check-out.  Our cashiers are trained to not ring up any clothing that is off the hanger.  Thanks for understanding!

#7 – If You Bring Rowdy Entourage Members, Please Contain Them in LITTLE STROLLERS

If you bring children you will want them in a stroller and it is best to bring a small stroller like an umbrella stroller. During busy times it gets very crowded and can be frustrating trying to get around with large strollers. During our private presale we do not allow children under the age of 10 unless they are an infant and being worn.

#8 – Don’t Guess Sizes

Bring the sizes you need with you. Trace your kid’s feet, cut it out and bring it with you. If it fits inside the shoe comfortably, it’ll be a good match.

#9 – Take an Inventory

Do a little bit of “prep work”. Figure out what you have, what you need, etc. for each child. Plan ahead for b-day parties, school outings, baby showers, etc. It’ll save you tons of money and there are lots of “almost new” and NEW items!

#10 – Look High & Low, Boy or Girl

Be sure to check both boys and girls racks in the sizes you need. Many items are unisex.

Also, children’s sizes are notoriously “off” so look up & down to find good steals & deals!

#11 – Get in the Inner Circle & Stay Connected

Make sure you are on our e-mail list so you don’t miss important sale information as it is released. Sign up here Mailing List Signup

#12 – Bring the Right Forms of Payment & Be a Tax-Abiding Citizen 🙂

We accept cash, visa and mastercard. We DO NOT accept checks.

We will add 7% tax onto your total at the check out. If you credit card is not signed we will ask for your ID.