Virtual Sale Accepted Items

Indy Kids Sale is a seasonal consignment sale. Please see list below of items accepted and not accepted at our virtual events.

  • Consignor minimum – 15 items.
  • Item price minimum – $4


Clothing size infant – teen (any item over size 14 will be considered “teen”)
Clothing that is current in style (think no more than five years old when choosing clothing for the sale), pajamas (fleece accepted year round), accessories, jackets, etc.  We only take seasonal clothing items (see list below for items not accepted).

Women’s workout attire, Coats and Handbags
Women’s workout attire, coats and handbags in excellent condition will be accepted.

Children’s shoes
Shoes in excellent condition will be accepted up to size 8.5.

Kids/Baby toys
Games, dolls, puzzles, barbies, action figures, rattles, stuffed animals, etc.

Baby Gear
Strollers, swings, exersaucers, bouncy seats, baby carriers, high chairs, Johnny jumpers, bumbo seats,etc.
Carseats: must be less than five years from the manufacture date and you will need to fill out the car seat waiver form for Indy Kids and the buyer. You can find this form on the consignor facebook group in the files.

Crib and twin bedding sets, crib and twin sheets, Pack-n-play sheets, mattress pads along with baby blankets will be accepted.

Baby Items
Diaper bags, changing pads, potty seats,  bottles (bottles that are brown or yellow from wear will not be accepted), dishes, feeding equipment, nursing items, boppy pillows (excellent condition) etc.

Kids/infant furniture: cribs, dressers, table and chairs, rockers, changing tables, etc. If you plan to sell a crib please read through the “Can I sell my crib” info sheet to make sure your crib is compliant.  If you plan to sell a crib mattress with your crib or toddler bed, it must be sold as a set.  We can not sell the mattress alone.  Cribs and toddler beds are the only beds that will be accepted.

Books and Video Games
Children’s books (no torn pages, writing or chewed edges accepted) and video games.

Teen Items (anything over size 14)
Click here for list of accepted items.  Any clothing item that is above a size 14 will be considered a teen item.  Teen items are sized by XS, S, M, L and XL.  Please use the appropriate sizes in the drop down menu when tagging your items.  If they are tagged incorrectly they may end up in the wrong size and will not sell.

Sports Teams and Equipment
Any sports equipment that children to teen use is accepted. Must be in good condition.

Outdoor Play Equipment
Yard toys, riding toys, wagons, bicycles, scooters, sandboxes, little tykes play sets, swings, etc.

Decor items
Children’s decor items will be accepted for our virtual event.

Maternity and Nursing items
Maternity and nursing items that are current style will be accepted.  We reserve the right to remove items from our virtual sale that are not current style.


  • SPRING – Heavy Winter Coats, Winter Hats, Gloves, Boots, Heavy Sweaters, winter corduroy – please understand that this is a sample list and all items will be carefully screened for season and quality by the Indy Kids Sale staff.
  • FALL – Please know that shoppers will be looking for fall and winter wear during the fall virtual event.  You are welcome to list items that are short sleeved, swimwear, etc. but understand that the sell through will be low.  If you are short on time, you should focus on fall/winter wear.
  • Underwear Exception: Kids underwear (not bras) that are brand new and in an unopened package or NWT will be accepted along with clean, laundered and bleached training pants and cloth diapers.
  • DVDs and Music CDs
  • BATH TUBS (if it’s the mesh type only we will accept those)
  • ITEMS THAT YOU RECEIVED FOR FREE (Ex: hospital diaper bags and books, books from chick-fil-a, McDonalds toys, etc.)
  • CAR SEATS: car seats that are more than five years old (to the last day of the sale), recalled, damaged, in an accident or unclean will not be accepted. You must be the first owner of the car seat and be able to fill out the history report of the car seat.
  • PLEASE SELECT YOUR ITEMS CAREFULLY AS EVERYTHING IS CHECKED AT DROP-OFF. If something is missed at drop off and later is found to not be acceptable, it will be pulled from the sale.  We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is the CONSIGNOR’S RESPONSIBILITY, as seller of the items, to make sure none of their items have been recalled. Please make sure you have thoroughly read through the consignor agreement that you are asked to sign during the registration process.


  • PLEASE BRING YOUR CLOTHING neatly folded inside a see through plastic bag.  Here are some great options for very insexpensive bags. Some of these come in very large quantities. Split them with a friend that is also consigning. Bread Bags Small Trash Can Liners  Ziplocs
  • Consignors will bring their items to a check-in table where they will use their phone camera to scan the QR codes on the tags to check their items in.  Once all sold items are checked in, they will drop their items in the right shopper bag.  Shopper bags will be organized alphabetically so it’s helpful to bring items alphabetically by shopper code.
  • It is the consignors responsibility to not submit items that have been recalled or damaged.

Virtual Sale Seller Expectations:

As with any Indy Kids Sale, our inventory expectation is high.  Our shoppers have come to expect high-quality, well-cared for items.  They will expect even more from a virtual sale because they can’t inspect it in person before buying.

  • Please take extra care to only list items that are in excellent condition. Do not list anything that has a stain, hole, or too worn. Please check to make sure all buttons are attached and zippers are working.
  • The minimum price for each item is $4. If an item is not worth $4, please bundle it or do not list it.
  • If your sold items come to drop-off with any sort of smoke, animal or mildew smell, we will refund the buyers and ask you to take your items with you.
  • We will do some inspection of items during drop-off. If we find items that do not meet our expectations, we will refund the buyer and let you know so you can come and pick up your item.
  • We will offer the buyers an opportunity to inspect their items on site. Once they leave the building, we will not discuss any refunds.  If they bring us an item that was not represented well in the picture or description, we will refund the buyer.  We will make it clear that this is not an opportunity for refunds for buyer’s remorse and only for items that do not meet our expectations.