Q: What are the benefits of selling with Indy Kids & More ONLINE?
A: There are so many benefits! No more hassling with the BST groups, no more no-shows or messaging back and forth only to not get a sale. No more meeting up to buy an items. Those days are over!
No hangers and pins for the clothing and only tag and drop-off the items that sell.
Let us help you sell your items! We reach thousands of families in central Indiana that are looking to buy local.

Q: When do I drop-off my sold items?
A: November 13th or 14th. Once registered you will be able to pick a drop-off slot. 
Do not sign up to sell if you are not available during this time to drop-off your items. 

Q: Where do I drop-off my sold items?
A: Hamilton County Fairgrounds – Hall A, 2003 Pleasant Street, Noblesville

Q: What commission to I make from my sold items?
A: Each seller’s commission is 60% of the sold price.

Q: How do I get paid for my items?
A: Sellers will be paid via Echecks. It’s a check delivered to your email that you mobile deposit or take to your bank. Super simple!

Q: When does registration open?
A: Registration will open on October 9th for the November 2024 sale and will close when capacity is reached. This will give plenty of time to start working in the shopping site and uploading seller items. 

Q: How do I register?
A: Click here to register and to pay the $15 consignor fee.

Q: What is the seller schedule?
A: The seller schedule will be sent to you via email once you register. 

Q: What about quality of items?
A: Indy Kids Sale is known for high-quality, well-cared for items. We would expect the same for our online sale. Please know that we expect you, as the seller to take great care to make sure your items are in excellent condition and free of stains, tears and odors.

Q: What items can we sell?
A: We will be accepting anything that we normally accept at our in-person sale with the addition of several categories. You can see the full list here.

Q: How do I price my items? 
A: Check out this page for some great tips. 

Q: Batteries? Yes or no?
A: Anything that requires a battery must have a battery in it. We need to be able to show shoppers that an item works when they pick it up. If batteries are not included, we will assume it doesn’t work and we will refund the shopper for the purchase.

Q: How do we tag items that sell?
A: Once the sale is over, I will send you a report with your sold items. Once you receive this report, you can print your sold tags and start preparing your items. 
Clothing items will need to be folded neatly and placed in a clear bag of some kind. You will just need to tape the tag to the bag.
Toys or any other items that has pieces will need to be secured and place the tag on the item.

  • Here are some great options for very inexpensive bags. Some of these come in very large quantities. Split them with a friend that is also consigning. Bread Bags Small Trash Can Liners  Ziplocs

Q: What is the best way to prepare for my drop-off appointment?
A: Once you have your sold items tagged, it will save you a ton of time at your drop-off if you have them alphabetized by shopper order number. If you have some extra brown grocery bags, it is really helfpul to label them alphabetically and then put the appropriate items in the bags. For example, have a grocery bag for A-E and another grocery bag for F-L, etc. Once you have those bags ready, it’s easy to drop the tagged items into the bags.

Q: How will drop-off work?
A: Please understand that regardless of the number of items you sell, you need to bring them. The items have already been sold and therefore need to be brought during a drop-off appointment.

  • Pull up to the building and park in a designated seller drop-off spot. 
  • Unload your items – we will have a few wagons available but please, bring one if you have it. We do not have very many. 
  • Once unloaded and inside, you will check in with a team member. 
  • Once you’ve checked in, you can start dropping your items in the appropriate order bags. These will be laid our in order number for you, so it will be very easy to find where your item goes. 
  • Way to go!!!

Q: What if a shopper wants to return one of my items? 
A: Our policy is “all sales final” unless one of the following three things occurs:

  • Your item is stained, has a hole in it, smells of smoke, mildew, mothballs or has pet hair on it. 
  • Your item is damaged or not working. 
  • Your item was clearly mis-represented in the item info area available to shoppers. 

If we refund one of your items this amount will be taken out of your total sales and the item will be donated.