ONLINE Sold Item Drop Off: May 2024

Nov. 13-14: Exact time TBD

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not sign up to sell if you are not able to drop your sold items off on the drop-off date.

Hamilton County Fairground
2003 Pleasant Street
Noblesville, IN 46060   

• Every seller will sign up for a drop-off time in their seller homepage. Once you register as a seller, you will be able to choose a drop-off time.
• When you come to your drop-off, please park in a parking spot in front of the main building.
• If you have a large item to unload, we will open the drive for you to pull up close to the building.
• Once inside, we will get you checked in (make sure you have the right number of items) and then you will place your items in the correct shopper bags. If you sold a lot of items, please know that we will count every item to make sure every item is there. Please plan accordingly time wise.
• Shopper bags will be in alphabetical order so as you are packing your items to bring to drop-off you might consider organizing your items alphabetically.
• There will be wagons and a couple of carts available to use. There won’t be enough for everyone so if you have a foldable wagon that is easy to transport, you might bring that with you. It will make distributing your items so much easier.

Thank you so much for being a part of our online sale! It’s been a great experience!