Need Consignor Supplies?

If you need consignor supplies, you can get them from us on one of our pick-up dates!

Please remember that we only accept WIRE hangers. For those who need hangers and/or safety pins, we will be selling them in sets of:
-100 hangers for $10
-200 safety pins for $2

Tagging guns and barbs are also available.
Tagging gun + 1,000 barbs = $20
1,000 barbs only = $5

Supply Pick-up Times

We will be at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds on the following dates with hangers, safety pins and tagging guns (while supplies last).

January 31st (Friday) – 10a-11a
February 4 (Tuesday) – 11a-12(noon)
February 20th (Thursday) – 6p-7p
March 1st (Saturday) – 1p-2p

Make sure to get added to our consignor email list so you can receive these updates and reminders via email! We will also post reminders on our Facebook page!

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