Mothers Day Gifts and DIY Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. As a mom myself, it’s one of my favorite holidays. Not for the gifts I get, but for the fun activities we always (try) to plan together as a family for that weekend.

This year we are taking our two boys to their first Indianapolis Indians game that weekend (which I’m actually really excited about too!). I always suggest doing fun, family-centered activities – but I also understand that a thoughtful gift goes a long way!

So, if you are a mom reading this blog, feel free to pass along to your kids (if they are old enough) or to your spouse (to help with a few ideas).

Something from the Kids:

It’s always nice to have the kids make something. Of course, this could be as simple as a card, but there some extra steps that you can take to do some fun, unique things. Check out this fun questionnaire your child can fill out (or dictate to you to fill out). The answers are usually guaranteed to make mom laugh or smile!

Handprints or footprints are always good keepsakes. We like this cute poem w/ footprints as a gift.

The Photo Obsessed Mom:

If mom likes taking tons of photos, there are some really cute ideas. Of course, you can always go the route of making a fun Mother’s Day book, calendar or other object w/ websites like Picaboo, Snapfish or Shutterfly. (Pro tip: always google to see if you can find coupons online before buying from these websites!)

There are other fun things you can do if you (or someone you know) is familiar w/ photo editing programs like Photoshop. We love these cute photo magnets for the refrigerator or office.

Or, these framed silhouettes are really cute (and quite popular) and require just a little more craft time.

A picture frame w/ a great photo of the kids is always a safe bet as well (bonus points if the frame is unique or crafty).

A Gift that Describes Mom:

Is mom a chef in the kitchen? A wine conaseur? Does she love bath and beauty products? There are lots of things you could buy, but if you are looking to save, you can try some DIY gifts. For the cook, this cute apron with kids handprints or the oven gloves with handprints can’t be beat.

If mom loves wine (hey, I do!) you can decorate a plain wine glass for her! (Warning: do not put in the dishwasher to wash!)

And for the beauty products lover, there are lots of DIY bath salts and scrubs (like this lemon sugar one!).

Other Gift Ideas:
-charm necklace/bracelet (w/ kids initials is very popular!)
-day out for mom (schedule a day for mom doing her favorite things whether that’s a spa package, shopping, dinner with friends, movies, books, or a special event she’s been wanting to see!)
-family trips to the zoo, park, picnics, games, and family movie nights
-breakfast in bed

For more fun, unique DIY ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest board!

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