Indy Kids Sale vs. Marketplaces

OK, let me be upfront first about my experience with Facebook marketplace groups. First, I don’t sell a lot in these types of groups; but I have bought and sold a few items. I am a member of numerous groups, so I am familiar with the rules. I know that sometimes things sell really quickly, and other times the transaction doesn’t go so well (people don’t pick up when they say they will, an item is defective or broken, etc.).IMG_2512

I’ve been selling with Indy Kids Sale for a few years now, so I do have the process down pat (but these tips certainly help!). But I was amazed at the differences in selling at Indy Kids Sale vs. in Facebook marketplace groups.

For this little experiment, I tracked how much time it took me to sell 30 items at Indy Kids Sale, and then 30 very similar items in Facebook marketplace groups, how much I made, and overall thoughts.

Time invested

It took around 3 hours and 30 minutes to sell 26 out of 30 items with Indy Kids Sale:

  • Prepping and organizing my items
  • Entering them into the tagging system
  • Printing the tags and tagging the items
  • Driving to my drop-off appointment
  • Waiting about 15 minutes for my items to be sorted
  • Driving to pick up my check and unsold items at the end of the sale

For selling in the Facebook marketplace groups, I spent about 3 hours and 50 minutes:

  • Prepping items to sell – sorting, taking photos, etc.
  • Posting to the groups took the most time; including lowering a few prices when no one was interested, monitoring comments, etc.
  • Communicating via private message, email, text with interested buyers
  • Time to drive and meet someone who was purchasing my items (although many sellers do leave items in bins on their porch instead)


Of the 30 items I was selling at Indy Kids Sale, 26 items sold. I took the average consignor percentage of 60% to calculate what the “average” consignor makes (keep in mind you can always earn more by volunteering). A few of the items sold at half price. Profit: $103.20.

Of the 30 items I was selling on the Facebook marketplace groups, only 7 items sold! Even worse? I only made $34.

Consignment sale vs Facebook marketplace groups

I knew it would be more of a hassle to sell on the marketplaces vs. Indy Kids Sale. However, I had NO IDEA that it would be this huge of a difference. Sure, if I had sold all 30 items on the marketplaces I would have made more money eventually – but that would have taken SEVERAL more hours than the time it took me to sell 26 items at Indy Kids Sale; and my time is more valuable than that.

It was a very interesting experiment. That being said, I still surf the marketplaces time to time when I want or need something that’s in between our seasonal sales. But if you are looking for the most efficient way to make money selling your kids stuff – I don’t think I need to tell you that children’s consignment sales like Indy Kids Sale are the way to go!

-Libby, Indy Kids Sale PR Manager

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