How to Prepare for Shopping Consignment Sales

After months of planning and marketing, and organizing more than 70,000 pieces of children’s wear, toys and equipment onto the sales floor … it’s finally here: Sale week!

We are thrilled to have returning consignors and shoppers alike at our spring and fall sales; but we’re always welcoming hundreds of brand new shoppers to Indy Kids Sale every season!

Indy Kids Sale

New shoppers sometimes aren’t sure how to prepare for shopping a consignment sale, or specifically Indy Kids Sale. So we have some tips to help with how to prepare for shopping consignment sales.

How to Prepare for Shopping Consignment Sales

  1. Know what you need. 

Make a list, and check it twice. Do your kids need a new coat? New shoes? Measure your children’s sizes, and make a note in your smart phone, or on a Post-it note and tuck in your wallet. You’ll save money by not buying more than your family needs.

  1. Bring the bare minimum.

Bring your wallet, cell phone and keys. Bring a water bottle and granola bar, if you like (shopping makes us hungry!). Bring an empty tote, laundry basket, wagon or stroller to haul your goods to the cash registers (we do provide shopping bags if you forget!).

Other than those bare minimum items, there’s really not much need for anything else. You don’t want to be bogged down with a heavy coat and purse, especially with a lot of shoppers and aisles to navigate around.

In fact, shopping with an adult friend can be fun! But, shopping with children sometimes … not so much. We do recommend little ones are in a smaller umbrella-type stroller to help move through aisles easier (public sale days only; no children are allowed at presale except for infants that can be worn).

  1. Follow us for updates.

Make sure up to date with our announcements by subscribing to our important emails, and following our Facebook page and current sale event page where we post giveaways, sale updates and photos!

Our shopping tips page has even more great ways to prepare for shopping Indy Kids Sale!

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