Helpful Hints for Entering Items to Consign

While there are so many helpful videos and pages on the Indy Kids Sale website (such as this Tagging & Prep page with videos showing you how to hang your items), I thought it may be helpful to give you some more helpful hints. I’m going to get even more basic and let you know how you can save time when you are entering your items that you are going to sell into the Indy Kids Sale computer system.

Step 1 – You should take a look at all the categories that Indy Kids Sale has in the system. For instance, most clothing is not broken out (unless it’s special). Then, you will separate your stuff into those categories. For instance, I have my boys’ clothes sorted into one pile, and our DVDs in another pile, shoes in their own pile, toys in their own pile, and so on.

Step 2 – Next, sort by age or size. Clothing items should all be sorted by size so that all of the 3T stuff, for instance, is together. Same for toys. If you have tons of toys, separate it by age (baby toys, 12 month-old toys, toddler toys, etc.). This will help you save a ton of time.

Step 3 – This is up to you – but it helps me to write everything out on paper before I enter it. I do this because I know I may not be able to enter everything all in one sitting. So, it’s nice to have a list that I can use the next day, or the following week, when I get more time to enter my items into the system.

Step 4 – Enter your items. You will notice that once you have the sizing organized, it’s easier because now you don’t have to go to that drop-down each time you enter something – you can keep it on the same size until you change to the next size group. See? I told you it would help you out in the long run!

Step 5 – Print your labels. ALWAYS DO THIS AHEAD OF TIME! I can’t tell you the number of times I would do this at the last minute after everything else was done, only to realize I had run out of paper, or ink, or both.

Step 6 – Hang your items (tip – if you don’t have enough wire hangers, go to a dry cleaners and see if they have some)

Step 7 – Package the rest of your items (ie shoes together, toy parts in baggies, etc.)

Step 8 – Tag your items. If you have a lot of clothing items, I highly suggest you get the tagging gun w/ barbs – it will go much faster.

For more information on tagging, hanging, etc. you can check out the tagging page. Or, if you are looking for guildelines on how to price your items, click here!

Last and certainly not least, if you want to consign and just don’t have time to tag your stuff – check out our VIP Tagging Program!

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