Fourth of July Fun

Looking for fun stuff to do with your family for 4th of July weekend? We found tons of fun stuff on Pinterest – everything from crafts, outdoor activities and learning activities to festive recipes and snacks!

A few of our favorites:


Glowing Stars Mason Jars: Mason jars are cheap (and many of us have some already!) and kids LOVE glowing things!

Make Fizzing Fireworks: Cool ways to let kids “make their own fireworks”.

Easy Printables: I always like it when someone else has done the hard part and all I have to do is print, shape and glue.

Outdoor Stuff

Flag Hunt: Love the idea of spelling out a treat (mixing in a little learning experience too!)

Relays and Races: Because we all know that it’s great when kids burn off a lot of energy!

Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunts, cake games, oh my!


Super Easy Candy Snacks: Red, white and blue – and super easy too!

Ice Cream Cones: Not TOO hard – and super cute!

Hot Dogs: OK, these don’t look easy but they ARE really cute!

You can find many, many more visiting our 4th of July Fun Pinterest board!

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