First-Time Consignor Tips

First-time consignor tips for Indy Kids SaleIf you’re a first-time Indy Kids Sale consignor, you might be wandering around your house in a bit of a daze, wondering which items your kids have outgrown, how to put a price on your items, and what’s the deal with wire hangers, anyway?!

I have some First-Time Consignor Tips to share with you that will hopefully provide you with smooth sale-ing!

  • Start now! If you haven’t yet started entering your items, don’t panic! But just as you wouldn’t want little Johnny to begin his dolphin diorama the night before it’s due, your consigning experience will be less stressful if you work a little at a time entering your items instead of waiting until the last minute. Keep a tote inside each of your children’s closets to toss outgrown clothes into, and even if they are out-of-season for this sale, you can still enter them into our system, tag them and store them until the next sale.
  • Why wire, you may ask? First, wire hangers won’t break like plastic hangers can. Broken hanger = clothing falls on the floor = less likely to sell! Second, we’re proud to be described as the most organized children’s consignment sale. Wire hangers are more uniformly sized and colored, and with our handy tagging tips it makes for a much neater sales floor. Organized racks = more likely to sell! 
  • Invest in a tagging gun. Purchase one at one of our supply drops, or buy one online. We’re confident you’ll return again and again to consign with Indy Kids Sale, so making a small investment in a tagging gun will help you tag faster and with more care to your clothes, and you’ll use it for the next sale, and the next…
  • Prepare your printer! Make sure you have ink or toner, and have a good supply of paper or cardstock. We recommend using cardstock, as it’s less likely to tear.
  • Optimize your drop-off appointment by bundling clothing in groups according to gender and size. Winding a rubber band around the top of hangers is one way to section each group.

And my last first-time consignor tip … grab a friend! Invite a friend to consign with Indy Kids Sale and you’ll earn $10 in shopping credit for your referral! Invite another friend to join you at our private presale event (your admission is one of our consignor perks!) because shopping with a friend is more fun! Lastly, invite all of your friends to shop the sale. The more who shop, the more that sells, and the more you earn!

You might find answers to some of your first-time consignor questions on our FAQ page.

Also don’t forget to get up-to-date information on our Facebook page, and we’ll have some fun contests coming up on our Event page!

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