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I don’t know about you, but when I think about fall food recipes I think: crockpots, soups, potatoes, and apple-or-pumpkin anything! While I have a ton of favorite crockpot soup recipes (make sure to check out the Indy Kids Sale “Fall & Winter Recipes” board to see lots of good ones!), I think one of the easiest is beef stew. Why? Because you can basically do what you want. Personally, I like to brown the beef (which I buy already cut up into the stew pieces to save time) in a little extra virgin olive oil in a pan before putting it in the crockpot. It adds a little more flavor. I also add the onions in the pan with it when browning. Then, I put beef broth, cream of mushroom soup, some water and any veggies I want. I WISH I could add mushrooms but with multiple people in my family refusing to eat them, I simply add chopped carrots, celery, minced garlic, and chopped potatoes (you can do any kind!). Like I said, you can really add anything you want. I throw in a little red wine and tomato paste or sauce. Be creative.

Speaking of recipes, another thing that I am in the midst of figuring out is a quicker breakfast routine for these school days. We always seem to be running behind no matter what time we wake up. One solution would be to have a prepared breakfast that I just need to warm up. I have found a few crockpot oatmeal recipes, but Lori was AWESOME and shared her make ahead frozen breakfast recipes on her Facebook page recently! Here they are:
Breakfast Burritos
Straight from Lori: “Here is the scoop. I buy the tortillas from Costco. They are in the fridge section and are the ones that aren’t cooked yet. I scramble two dozen eggs, cook about 1 1/2 pounds of bacon (I’ve also done sausage before), cut 50 strips of cheese (you could also use shredded) and dice green pepper. I heat us the tortillas on my griddle so they are slightly cooked. I do two at a time, take those off and then put two more on while I’m filling the tortillas I just took off. I pretty much make an assembly line. Eggs, bacon, cheese, green pepper and fold it up. The whole process usually takes me 2 hours. There is 50 tortillas in a bag and we use them for breakfast once a week. I turn the oven on 350 when I wake up and put however many we need in the oven. In about 25 minutes they are done.”

Thanks Lori!

For more fall recipes, check out the Indy Kids Sale “Fall & Winter Recipes” board!

-Libby Springer, PR & Social Media Manager

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