End of year teacher gift ideas

The end of the school year is upon us. And that means it’s time for teacher’s gifts ideas!

Don’t panic if you haven’t thought of anything, or forgot. There’s still time! And lucky for you, we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to fun, creative (and cheap) ideas that don’t take much time at all! Of course, you can always go the gift card route, but just in case you want to do something different, check out a few of these ideas!

Summer Fun Bag:
I saw so many ideas with a summer theme – buckets, baskets with sunscreen, towels, and stuff for the grill, etc. You can’t lose with this idea because you KNOW the teachers have to be looking forward to summer and any reminder is a good one!
Check out this S’mores gift set, or these towels and cup tumblers.

DIY Gift Ideas:

There are too many to count. Crayon wreaths, picture frames, coasters…the list goes on. Check out this list of 25 DIY Ideas.

If you know what your teacher likes, this could be a great idea as well. I like this cinnamon bun idea, and another cheap s’mores idea!

I actually gave the teachers this gift last year – a plant with a homemade “Thanks for helping me grow this year” sign. Thanks Pinterest! 😉

Needless to say, there are tons of ideas out there. I actually did a little combo of things I found on Pinterest. Got each teacher a $10 gift card (depending on where/what their favorite things are), and put them in a little summer bucket I got at Target (for a whopping $1 each). Also filled the bucket w/ other summer stuff such as a tomato plant, basil plant, and flower plant, and a cute summer kitchen towel. The plants were all $1 each. I was able to put this all together in one night (took less than 10 minutes for multiple teachers). So yes, you still have time! Here are the rest of the cool ideas we pinned!

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