DIY Halloween Costumes

This is the first year I am trying the whole DIY thing with my kids’ Halloween costumes. Years past, we’ve always had a store-bought costume. However, as a child I remember my mom sewing my costume (and my younger brother’s). We were many things: Dorothy and the Lion from Wizard of Oz and Snow White and Dopey…in our later years of trick-or-treating we did many DIY costumes such as mummies, 50’s girl, and skeletons.

In today’s always busy world it’s hard to even think about Halloween costumes until the week of! However, this year my kids told me early that they wanted to be minions (from the movie Despicable Me). Great! I searched the costume stores once October got here. No luck. I searched online. The only store bought costumes I could find were not in their sizes.

So, I decided to get creative. Here’s what I have so far:

-Kids each have long sleeved yellow shirts

-Bought yellow face paint

-Purchased yellow stocking caps for $4.00 each

-Black mittens for $1.50 each

-Borrowed denim overalls for my oldest

-Could not find used overalls ANYWHERE for my youngest so I bought a pair that are too small and am cutting the top part to make it look like it’s connected to his jeans.

-Bought elastic, black fuzzy piping, and black masking tape – I’m determined to make the glasses since the place I found online that sold cheap round black circle glasses can’t ship to me in time for Halloween. These will also be used for little hair sprouts on top of the hat.

Total cost for everything: $20 for two costumes

I’ll post a photo once it’s all done! In the meantime, check out our Halloween Ideas Pinterest page if you are looking for some DIY costume ideas or decoration ideas!

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