Consignor Spotlight | Melanie from Noblesville

Indy Kids Sale Fall SaleWe’re almost there, friends! Indy Kids Sale will open our doors to the public this Thursday at 9am, at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds!

If it weren’t for our rock star consignors bringing in their quality outgrown kids’ items, we would not have a sale to even open! So we thought it might be fun to do a little Q&A with one of our consignors.

Meet Melanie W. from Noblesville, a wife and mom to a 2-year-old daughter. Learn a little bit about Melanie, why she consigns with Indy Kids Sale, and what tips she has for shopping!

1. There are many ways you can rid your kids’ closets of outgrown clothes. Why do you choose to consign?

Our family has been blessed with hand me downs from before my daughter was born. I learned that new packaging did not make an item more special at all.  In order to fuel my dream of a loaded play room and being able to trade out toys for my daughter, I went to my first Indy Kids Sale.  I was overwhelmed with what I could find!  I decided to consign our gently loved items as a way to continue to get toys that allow my daughter to develop and grow. I get all of her Christmas presents and birthday presents at the sale.  The sale allows me to spoil my daughter without breaking the bank.   It also became a fun way to stock her closet.  I continue to consign with help of my 2 year old daughter, she picks toys she is done with knowing she will get a special toy or two after the sale.

2. What made you decide to consign with Indy Kids Sale?

Indy Kids Sale consignor spotlightI have been to various sales and the quality and care is not even close to rivaled by any other sale.  I have found the comradeship like none other at Indy Kids.  I see fellow consignors out in public and get a “Hey didn’t I meet you at the last Indy Kids sale? How is your daughter??” I also think the organization is the best of any sale.  I can easily find what I need for the sale without making a mess or getting in people’s way.

3. What tip(s) have you found helpful in preparing for your drop-off appointment?

I began keeping two storage totes in my daughter’s closet all year – one where things for the sale go, and the other for things we want save for ourselves. When the bin is full, I label it Indy Kids and the appropriate sale (Fall or Spring) then I pull it out when the registration for the sale comes up.  By starting to hang things, it gives me a second time to check for stains.  Finally I enter my items and check for stains again! Also I bought a tagging gun and the hangers covered in paper.  It may not seem like they would make a huge difference but they save me about half the time! Totally worth buying.

4. Which aisle do you head straight for as soon as you arrive at presale?

Each sale is different for me, I know the main categories because of consigning and shopping the sale and I make a plan.  I almost always peruse the big things quickly just to make sure a great deal is not lurking, then I head for what we need most.  This sale I will look for costumes (a costume closet is my daughter’s main Christmas present this year), snow gear & boots, and then games/puzzles because I am a Pediatric OT and am going to use some of the deals to get toys for my clinic to further our patients development. Then I head to clothes.  My favorite part of the presale is finding a table with my friend and sorting through our finds!

5. What is one item that you’re really hoping to find at the Fall sale?

This fall I am most excited to get puzzles and games for my OT clinic.  This is going to be an awesome way to get new toys for our kiddos. For my daughter, I am hoping to find a bounce house or a trampoline as her large Christmas present!  I like having a big thing under the tree!

6. What piece of advice would you offer to someone considering consigning with Indy Kids Sale?

It is like Christmas day, enjoy it! Have a plan and bring extra bags, I like to make a big stash then take time to sort through it.  I also bring my daughter’s measurements, taped on a tape measure and a outline of her foot then I can use that against the clothes and shoes I pick to make sure there is room to grow!