Consignor Spotlight | Lynnette from Waldron, IN

Consignor registration is well under way, and just in case you’re still unsure if it’s worth your time in selling your kids’ things with Indy Kids Sale, we thought we’d share what it has meant to one of our consignors.

Lynnette lives in Waldron, Indiana, southeast of Indianapolis. She has consigned with Indy Kids Sale since 2011.  Her baby Caroline is 1 year old, and her daughter Arianna will soon turn 5.

Why do you choose to consign with Indy Kids Sale?

  • I chose to consign to get money back for my clothes that are still in excellent condition and turn around and spend the money on a new wardrobe for my kids in the next size! I never knew anything about consignment sales until my boss introduced me to Indy Kids Sale after I had my first daughter, and I have been hooked on it ever since.

What tip do you have for drop-off appointments?

  • I prepare from the time the previous sale ends by trying to keep up with hanging up items that I will sell in the upcoming sale. I place them in order, by size, to help with the tagging process.

When you shop the sale, which aisle do you head to first?

  • I head straight for the shoes first! My 4-year-old loves shoes and can never have too many, so I make sure to get a variety of shoes. I usually then head to shop for clothes.

What piece of advice would you offer to a first-time consignor?

  • Prepare! Don’t wait until the last minute. This is why I like to hang my items throughout the season as they outgrow clothes, because it really does save a lot of time when registration opens and consignors can begin entering items for tagging.

Thank you Lynnette, for sharing your helpful tips!


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