Consignor Spotlight | Jessica from Noblesville

Many of our consignors started first as Indy Kids Sale shoppers. They tested the waters, so to speak, and jumped in to the consigning process after having a positive shopping experience at the sale.

Jessica from Noblesville is no exception! Learn a little more about Jessica, and what her favorite perk is as an Indy Kids Sale consignor:

Tell us about your family.

I live on the west side of Noblesville, and have 2 children. Emersyn is 4, and Roman is 2.

What has been your experience with Indy Kids Sale so far?

This is my 4th year consigning with Indy Kids Sale. I was first a shopper before my daughter was born, and the very next year I became a consignor.

The first time I consigned with Indy Kids Sale, I realized how easy the process of pricing and tagging items was. I really liked the fact that I could make so much money selling the items in one place, rather than try to sell them separately in the marketplace. There is virtually NO hassle.

Tell us what you like about the sale.

I love how organized it is, and how easy consigning is for a busy mom. I know that most of my items will sell due to the organization and the advertising efforts they put forth.

What’s your favorite perk as a consignor?

Early Shopping!!! AND the option to volunteer with the sale. I have met and made wonderful friends through the years.

Any last thoughts?

It is such an effortless process, from beginning to end. The staff cares so much about the quality of items and the organization of the sale that you know most of your items will sell. If you decide to shop, you know exactly where to look for your items and that they will be of amazing quality.

Learn more about our Indy Kids Sale consigning process.

Indy Kids Sale consignor spotlight

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