Consignor Spotlight | April from Noblesville

We are so thankful for our rockstar consignors that invest in Indy Kids Sale to help relieve their kids’ closets of outgrown clothes, while earning cash for their family!

One such consignor we’d love to tell you about, is April from Noblesville.

Here’s a little more about April, and why she returns to consign with Indy Kids Sale every season:

What area of town do you live in, and what are the ages and genders of your kids?

I live in Noblesville with 3 kids, ages 7, 6 and 4.

How long have you been consigning with Indy Kids Sale?

I started consigning when my second daughter was born and realized I could finally start getting rid of the things she was growing out of. It felt so good to start purging the big items that take over your house when you have babies!

How did you initially start with the sale – were you first a shopper, or did you go straight to consigning?

I was a shopper first. The first couple years I’d go to any consignment sale in town. I quickly realized which sales were worth my time and money. After shopping at IKS I would attempt to go to other sales just to turn right back around and leave.

Indy Kids Sale truly is the best, most organized, and cleanest sale I’ve ever been to. Of course, once I got a taste of consignment shopping I had to start selling as well – and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Indy Kids Sale.

Tell us about your first impression, the very first time you consigned with us.

I realized quickly how amazing the check in process was! My first sale I had quite a few items not accepted. Things that I didn’t even notice until it was pointed out to me.

I learned to sort my items better the next time and did much better! But having that experience made me realize that if the staff was that diligent with every consignor then it was going to be an even better shopping experience knowing that I didn’t need to check things with a fine tooth comb because literally everything on the floor had already been through that process.

What keeps you coming back as a consignor?

The deals! Really that should be enough but there is so much more. It’s the organization of the sales floor, knowing everything on the floor has been checked thoroughly, but most of all it’s the overall experience.

Volunteering is actually fun! The women I’ve met through Indy Kids Sale are amazing, and I love coming back season after season and catching up with and meeting new friends.

Is there a perk to consigning that you especially like?

The check! Seriously though, having a place to shop for my kids without feeling overwhelmed by price tags and going store to store to complete their wardrobes.

We all know they grow so fast that each season means they’ve grown out of everything! I’m still able to get amazing, name brand stuff and most of the time you can’t even tell they’ve been used!

What would you tell others that haven’t tried consigning with Indy Kids Sale?

Try it once and you’ll be hooked! Consigning isn’t nearly as daunting as it may seem. It’s actually so much easier (and more profitable) than garage sales or posting individual items on Facebook, keeping track of pick ups, dealing with no-shows, etc.

But you can also have your items tagged for you by a IKS staff member with the VIP tagging service. It’s the easiest thing in the world! Then you get a check and you’re able to get some amazing things for your kids.

Indy Kids Sale consignor spotlight

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