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Well, fall is here and we’ve all had time to settle into our new back-to-school routines (sort of, right?). This is the first year that I have a child in elementary school. My oldest is in Kindergarten and my youngest is in preschool. Let me tell ya – this was a rude awakening!

Every week I am getting more forms, permission slips, reminders, emails, newsletters, special event reminder…the list goes on. I realized VERY quickly I needed some sort of system in place. More organization. So – here are some tips on how we stay organized (and sane) – especially for those three mornings a week that I work and seem to struggle to get out the door on time with both kids!

Pack bags and lunches the night before

Granted, I can’t make the sandwich the night before (that’s nasty by the next day – ewww!), but I pack what I can in the lunch bags, sign all of the papers, check all of the reading logs, and get all the stuff in the folders and backpacks before I go to bed. All they have to do is grab them in them in the mornings.

Set clothes out the night before too

I have two boys and you would think it wouldn’t be very time-consuming to dress boys in the morning. However, there have inevitably been mornings that I realize we are out of socks, which are all the way downstairs still in the dryer, or even worse – not washed. It’s best to realize this the night before so you can fix it and not run a marathon up and down stairs all morning.

Set reminder notes

My oldest got glasses last year. He has to wear them all the time. I lost count last year how many times I forgot to check if his glasses were on BEFORE we left the house and had to go back to get them. I finally put a reminder note on the door we go out of to get to our car. I rarely forget now.

Use technology

With all the technology that exists, it’s easier than ever to schedule reminders on calendars or with apps. We have a dry erase calendar at home too, but I realized quickly that I needed to set my phone reminders after forgetting about picture day (thankfully I dressed him in something that was passable for school photos) or pizza party day (I packed his lunch and he dutifully ate it instead of pizza…I felt horrible). If you don’t have any smart phone technology, refer to above – reminder notes.

Organize your area

It makes mornings run much smoother now that we have a designated area for shoes downstairs (again, I am not running up and down stairs hundreds of time in the morning!) and backpacks and jackets. Quick grab and go!

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