Helper Info

Q: Who can help at the Indy Kids Sale?

A: We only offer helper shifts to consignors.

Q: How do I sign up to help at the sale?

A: Simply register as a consignor and then you will be able to view the available shifts.

Q: What types of helper shifts are available? 

A: All helper shifts are five hours in length and can vary from helping during our consignor drop-off, helping during the actual sale and helping during re-sort.  All shifts do require some movement and minimal lifting. 

Consignors who choose a “Re-sort” shift will be invited to participate in our Charity Dollar Dash.  This is only available to those helping during our “Re-sort” shift.

Q: Can my kids come with me while I help?

A: We kindly ask that you not bring kids while helping at the event. This is a crazy time with a lot of moving pieces and an easy place for a child to get hurt. Thanks for understanding

Q: What is the helper appreciation night?

A: We appreciate all those that help at the event so much!  We have a fun night planned for all helpers with snacks and early shopping to our 1/2 price sale.  Only those that have choose to help at the current event are invited to this special night.

Q: What are the benefits for those who help?

Helping at the event is so rewarding.  Not only do you get to see the behind the scenes and actually help sell your own items, you are able to increase your percentage as well as shop early.  Besides that, it’s a ton of fun!!!

Q: What are the consignor shopping times and incentives?

  Percentage Shopping Time on 9/15
Consignor 60% 2:00pm-6:00pm
Helper – 1 Shift 65% 12:00pm
Helper – 2 Shifts 70% 11:00am
Helper – 3 Shifts 70% 10:00am