Why Consign

Why should I consign my kids’ things?

Do you ever wonder if it is worth it to sell your items at Indy Kids Sale?  Here are a few reasons you should really consider consigning with Indy Kids Sale over other options.

  1. No more messing around with the online marketplace groups.  So much drama and so time consuming!  Check out a comparison we did here.
  2. You will make WAY more money than you ever could at a consignment store. Our average consignor makes $300-$400 by selling their kids’ clothing, toys and gear and it happens all in one weekend!
  3. Your time is valuable!  You don’t have to pray for good garage sale weather or haggle over prices!


    1. Indy Kids Sale is a very simple way to turn your kid’s clutter into cash.  Consigning with Indy Kids Sale means more cash, and so much less stress.

Sell to thousands of parents at Indy Kids Sale, located at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Noblesville. We attract families from all over the state of Indiana that are interested in purchasing your children’s outgrown items.

You can do this with three simple steps

      1. Register to consign and then tag your items using our online tagging system.
      2. Bring your items to our sale location on one of our drop-off days.
      3. We send you a check for 60%-75% commission depending on your involvement.

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“I chose to consign to get money back for my clothes that are still in excellent condition and turn around and spend the money on a new wardrobe for my kids in the next size! I never knew anything about consignment sales until my boss introduced me to Indy Kids Sale after I had my first daughter, and I have been hooked on it ever since.”

Lynnette from Waldron, IN
Indy Kids Sale consignor spotlight

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